Vaga Lume

The mission of Vaga Lume is to empower children living in rural remote communities of the Amazon by promoting reading and management of community libraries as a space of knowledge sharing.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Brazil

Greening Burundi

Тhe main goal of organization is to plant 50 million trees in Burundi.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Burundi

Folk och Försvar

Society and Defence (Swedish: Folk och Försvar) is a Swedish non-governmental organisation which acts as a forum for debate over defence and national security issues in Sweden.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Sweden

Congress of Ukrainians in Latvia

The mission of organization is to unite Ukrainians in Latvia in joint efforts to maintain and preserve national identity.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Latvia

Formidable Initiatives for Women and Girls

Formidable Initiatives for Women and Girls (FIWG) is a non-political, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization working with young women and adolescent girls providing them opportunities to thrive as leaders in their communities.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Liberia

Global Eco Army

The main goal of Global Eco Army is to seek the participation and involvement of each and every Country on the Planet without exception.

Memorandum: Memorandum - USA

Future in our hands

“Future in Our Hands” Youth non-governmental organization’s general idea is to carry out socially useful activity. The members of the organization are mostly youth and specialist of working with youth and children, united around the idea of promoting education and European awarness among the youth and generally among the society, supporting people, helping people with fewer opportunities in their social integration, making youth participation in public life more active and strengthening the principles of civil society and democracy.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Armenia

Dast ba dast

Dast ba dast mission is to support youth initiatives and volunteering in Tajikistan. Public Organization merge young journalists of print and electronic media. Engaged in carrying out information campaigns, promotion of economic rights of girls, support for young talents in the field of journalism, dance, mobile movie.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Tajikistan


The public non-profit organization "BOSFOR" was established to enhance the role of the youth of Turkmenistan in strengthening the independence, sovereignty and increasing the social and economic potential of the country.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Turkmenistan

Active citizens fund

Active Citizens Fund Romania is a funding programme dedicated to non-governmental organisations. The programme has as objectives to strengthen civil society and active citizenship and to empower vulnerable groups.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Romania

Green women

The mission of NGO is to facilitate public participation in the process of resolving environmental issues by increasing public awareness and developing ecological mentality among people living in Central Asia.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Kazakhstan


Public center "Zarautsoy" participates in the implementation of state research and cultural educational programs; formation of a sense of national dignity and an independent homeland among the citizens of Uzbekistan, especially in the minds of young people through the impartial promotion of the primitive art monument called Zarautsoy; as well as the salvation and protection of Zarautsoy's rock paintings and bringing it to future generations in its original and intact form.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Uzbekistan

Future without corruption

"Future without Corruption" is a non-governmental organization working to fight corruption in Kyrgyzstan. They have NGO representatives all over the country.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Kyrgyzstan

The Guatemala Association of Highland Women

NGO works to establish local Women’s Circles, which provide participants with a network of mutual support and a forum for sharing dreams, fears and collaborating on solutions. The Guatemala Association of Highland Women facilitates technical and educational training on topics that range from civic participation, entrepreneurship, self-esteem, nutrition, Maya cultural identity and community resilience.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Guatemala

Resourse Center

Iran NGO Resource Center is a volunteer, non-profit, non-political, and independent institute that aims to empower people, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other civil society organizations (CSOs) through increasing their knowledge and skills, particularly in advocacy and research.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Iran

Cura del Popolo

Cura del Popolo (Care of the People) is an Italian non-profit association operating in Vietnam, focused on assisting disadvantaged families, in particular women and children.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Vietnam

ChildFund Australia

ChildFund Australia is an independent international development organisation that works to reduce poverty for children in developing communities.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Australia

Apause Malawi

NGO's programme is to establish peer teaching about Relationships and Sex.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Malawi


Globalgiving is an organization that brings together the sages, inhabitants and officials of Macau for the educational development of the younger generation.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Macau


Shafallah Center for Children with Special Needs, is a Qatar-based organization founded in 1999 for the welfare of people with intellectual disabilities, mainly autism spectrum disorders. The center provides health services and special care.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Qatar


Since its establishment in 1999, Al Mezan has been dedicated to protecting and advancing the respect of human rights — especially economic, social and cultural rights — supporting victims of violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, and enhancing democracy, community and citizen participation, and respect for the rule of law in Gaza as part of the occupied Palestinian territory.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Palestine


The organization was founded with the aim to building a society free from all inequalities where everyone can access and is aware of their basic rights.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Bangladesh


Organization's envision is a future where all young people are empowered to be changemakers with the belief that they are never too young to change the world.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Hong Kong


With the overall goal of contributing to the development of social development, the purpose of øko-net is to inform, educate, inspire the population and engage it in dialogue about ecology and the environment.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Denmark

Timoun Piti

Timoun Piti welcomes and delivers unconditional love to children affected by MRI between 0 and 3 years, they provide safe and friendly environment for children's optimal biopsychosocial and emotional development.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Chile


KUNIKA is a NGO based on Zambia, operating on Lusaka. The vision of the organization is to develop a matured and responsible society that is: ecologically conscious, digitally skilled, and creatively motivated.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Zambia


The Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau (WLB) is a feminist legal non-government organization composed of women’s rights activists, advocates and development workers.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Philippines

Inflation Media Production

For more than 17 years organization has been producing high-end editing, videography, live productions, post productions and more.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Malta

Transformación Paraguay

The non-profit organization that transforms the lives of Paraguayan children, youth and adults through dynamic, free programs that promote education in values, soft skills and leadership.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Paraguay

Asociación Dravet Uruguay

The organisation that brings together families who have a child with Dravet Syndrome (Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Childhood).

Memorandum: Memorandum - Uruguay


Mongolian non-governmental organization that is responsible for social guarantees and improving the living standards of the poor people. Founded in 1995.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Mongolia

Manding peace

Manding peace - act as mediator in Peace building, involves in awareness campaign for peace, religious tolerance, ethical tolerance, political tolerance and prevention of child abuse and domestic violence, specially against women.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Gambia


Wareen organization was voluntarily established by a group of young men and women with university degrees and experiences in this field, and its purpose is to Present and provide for the needs of the displaced and migrants, as well as the host community, and to be a mediating bridge between international organizations and the government on one side and citizens on the other.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Iraq

Raagini Shekher Sharma

Memorandum: Memorandum - India

Vacrecer Rural

The non-profit Non-Governmental Organization for Development with the desire to generate a community with More Opportunities.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Peru


The nonprofit that makes it easy to support community-led solutions in 170+ countries that want to make the world a better place.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Spain


The NGO made up of more than 230 municipalities in 18 Argentine provinces, which coordinates and promotes strategic plans to face climate change.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Argentina

Environment Society of Oman

Main goal of ESO is conserving the environment and ensuring that Oman's natural heritage remains intact for future generations to enjoy.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Oman

Amnesty International

The main focus of the non-governmental organization Amnesty International is human rights abuses. The organization insists that people should have a chance to get all the rights enshrined in international human rights declarations and other instruments.

Memorandum: Memorandum - Angola

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