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Happy Birthday to Illia Fedorenko!

On behalf of all members of the NGO Constitutional and Legal Congress, we would like to sincerely congratulate Illia Fedorenko, co-founder of the Free Nation public movement and our professional leader, on his birthday! This day is a great opportunity to celebrate his achievements and dedication to the cause we promote together.

Illia’s strong leadership personality and hard work provide great motivation and inspiration. His efforts in defending constitutional principles and human rights are an indispensable source of strength for our organization. He is an example of dedication, perseverance, and integrity.

We wish Illia all the best on this special day. May his inspirations never run out, and his ideas find more and more supporters and backers. We wish him good health and confidence in his work.

Thank you very much from the entire team for your tireless work and contribution to our organization. Your dedication and understanding of the importance of constitutional principles help us to continue our fight for justice and human rights. May your work always bear fruit and impact the lives of many people.

Sincere greetings from the entire Constitutional and Legal Congress!

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